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Sullen Sunrise

Title: Sullen Sunrise
Catalog ID: 45354
Location: Ocean City, MD
Limited Edition: Yes

Rain, Rain… Go Away…
It was going to be a week of fun in the sun; instead, it was a week long struggle with Mother Nature. It rained relentlessly all week, limiting my ability to capture a worthwhile sunrise image. Every morning I headed to the beach with hopeful expectations only to return with rain drenched clothing and equipment. Fortunately, as miserable as the weather was, I was able to capture this image. For a brief couple of minutes, the sun poked through the clouds and allowed me the opportunity to capture a few shots. Then, just as quick, the sun was swiftly swallowed by the clouds and it began to rain again, of course. So, once again, I was trudging back to the car with rain drenched clothing and equipment but at least this time it was with a smile on face. It was totally worth it : )

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