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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I am an Artisan looking for Zapplication formatting. Do you offer that as an option?

Yes, I offer Zapplication formatting. I can format images you currently have or apply the formatting to the images produced by my affordable professional photography services.

  • Who owns the final images?

All rights for usage belong to you or your company.

  • How long does it take for the products to be photographed?

Most projects are completed in 3 - 5 business days.

  • What if my products require assembly?

No problem! We can assemble your products if necessary. An additional assemble fee is invoiced at $40 per Hour in ¼ hour increments.

  • How are the finished photographs delivered?

  I offer two options:

                                 1- Sent to you on a cd.

                                 2- Allow you to download from our secure website through a client access page.

  • Do you ship the items back?

Yes, unless you request otherwise. Please take special care in packaging your items so we can easily return them in their original packaging. They will be shipped with your included prepaid shipping label or preferred carrier shipping account. We can also invoice you the shipping costs if you prefer.

  • What is your payment process? How do I pay?

After I finish photographing your products, I will provide you with a link to our website where you will be able to preview the images. Once you approve the image proofs I will send you an invoice for the final payment. When I receive your final payment I can either send you a cd with your images or a link to our secure website where you will be able to download your images. For payment you can pay with a company check, Paypal or credit card.

  • Do you offer other background options?

Yes. If there is a specific background you would like, just indicate what you’re looking for during the ordering process. Additional fees may apply.

  • What file formats do you offer.

I offer almost any format that you require. The most common formats are listed below. 

JPEG (Low Resolution - 72 dpi, Perfect for the web)

JPEG (High Resolution - 300 dpi, Perfect for printing)

           Tiff (300 dpi) (With background masking), (CMYK color profile upon request)